jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012


My poor abandoned blog hasn't seen an update in so long! I guess in not good at keeping up with a blog, specially if life gets a little crazy.

Let's see... It's already September! Oh my! Since my last post about new years resolutions here's what's happened:

- Weight: already lost 3 or 4 kg, still a couple more to go before I feel comfortable again.
- Health: better. We started to go to a nutritionist so we are eating a lot better, with the occasional slips of yummy things. We can't help it, we love eating!
In this subject, I have tried to work out on and off. Mostly I can say I don't do any exercise, until this week that I started using the treadmill daily. I hope I can keep it up.

- I'm not keeping up with house work at all but I always try.

- This year I also got a job! My very first one and then quit after 4 months because it wasn't what I expected to be. I was blessed to be able to return to institutional pharmacy with a part time job that I love.

Maybe I'll blog a little more frequently but the truth is that I'm not fond of/good at writing. Let's see how it goes, so far I just love the blogger dashboard where I can see all new posts in my favorite blogs :-)

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