jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012


My poor abandoned blog hasn't seen an update in so long! I guess in not good at keeping up with a blog, specially if life gets a little crazy.

Let's see... It's already September! Oh my! Since my last post about new years resolutions here's what's happened:

- Weight: already lost 3 or 4 kg, still a couple more to go before I feel comfortable again.
- Health: better. We started to go to a nutritionist so we are eating a lot better, with the occasional slips of yummy things. We can't help it, we love eating!
In this subject, I have tried to work out on and off. Mostly I can say I don't do any exercise, until this week that I started using the treadmill daily. I hope I can keep it up.

- I'm not keeping up with house work at all but I always try.

- This year I also got a job! My very first one and then quit after 4 months because it wasn't what I expected to be. I was blessed to be able to return to institutional pharmacy with a part time job that I love.

Maybe I'll blog a little more frequently but the truth is that I'm not fond of/good at writing. Let's see how it goes, so far I just love the blogger dashboard where I can see all new posts in my favorite blogs :-)

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

2012 resolutions

Well, it's here, 2012!
2011 had good things: I finally graduated from college, we got a puppy and shared good times with people I love, but overall it wasn't the best year... So, I'm REALLY looking forward for what 2012 brings.

Every New Year, I think of things I could change about myself to be better, but I never write them down, so they are forgotten just a few days later.

This year, I'm writing them so I can come back and remember them, let's see how many get done!

1. Loose at least 5 kg: in 2011 I gained this weight, all I want is go back to that and have all my clothes fitting me right again.
2. Related to the one above, eat healthier: make smarter decisions when it comes to food.
3. Do more exercise.
4. Save a determined amount of money every month.
5. Besides this savings, save extra money so my husband and I can make a trip together. (it's easier to cut expenses when you have a good motivation).
6. Study. I graduated this last August, but I haven't found a job yet :( so, my knowledge is, let's say, "sleeping". I would like to dedicate an hour every day to study, read articles or something pharmaceutical/medical.
7. Arrange two rooms that are a total mess since we moved in.
8. Keep up with the housework, specially with laundry and ironing (I hate to iron!)
9. Read at least 5 books just for fun, not work related.
10. Get a job. Well, I'm doing my part sending resumes, taking temporary jobs, but I would like a permanent one, near my home and with normal hours. Is that too much to ask?

Good luck with your New Year's resolutions!

Ps. you should check out Lydia's blog at lydsncompany.blogspot.com
She's a sweet lady that writes about her life, I really enjoy her posts! Also she's having an amazing giveaway this January! Go visit her!

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011


This is the reason why I started a blog and then almost abandoned it. Her name is Cocoa and she is a chocolate Labrador puppy and right now is 13 weeks old. So cute and also a handful!

We were a little impulsive with this decision, we had been talking about how we got enough space and everything, and my husband wanted this kind of dog. We didn't research on what to expect from labradors and just went ahead and went to see them. Of course we fell in love right away with this gorgeous puppy! And brought her home just a little before she was 8 weeks old.

We weren't prepared, and we had to improvise her a house ( which she destroyed later). And buy her food, a couple of toys, get her a blanket, etc....

In the end, we are so happy to have her! She is our little furry baby. And she is so smart!! She already knows several commands like sit, down, give paw, come, fetch, up, stay. Some of them need practice, and some discipline because I'm sure she knows but sometimes she just doesn't want to do it. We are working on "out", "kiss" and "let go".

The biggest problem is that she bites A LOT! Hands, shoes, pants, whatever... And we don't know how to teach her not to. Seriously, I don't know what to do, sometimes I correct her and she gets mad and bites even harder!!

But bottom line, how could you not love this cutie?
I'm sure she will be a big part of this blog :)

**this is the first time blogging from my phone, so I don't know how it will turn out once I post it**

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2011

Rainy Season

Today the sun finally came out today after 10 consecutive days of rain.

Ten whole days of rain,  it was the longest in years! All day would be dark and cold, sometimes foggy. Water came down non-stop, as rain or just a little mist or "pelo de gato" (means literally cat's hair, because of how tiny the drops are). I kind of like this weather, so nice to stay home, watch movies, eat soup, drink hot chocolate and just cuddle, but this time was a little too much.

Usually I don't like to wear sweaters but this time I had to take out of the closet sweaters, scarfs, socks and boots to go out...
My husband and I had a nice coffee date, very according with the weather, but ended up eating a lot more than we planned. It was very nice, we had a good time :)

Also, with all the humidity, we had to get a dehumidifier for our closet, mold was invading everything!! It's so depressing when you want to wear something special and then realize that it has white spots or smells like its been there forever.  Hopefully this will solve the problem, I neeeeeed this to work.

We're still in the rainy season, but a little sunshine in the mornings is better! A summer-like weekend would be perfect :)

martes, 18 de octubre de 2011


This is my first post ever.  I don´t know where to start.  Creating a blog was way more complex than I thought it would be.
I guess I'll start introducing myself.  My name is Gaby, I married the love of my life last december and graduated from college this august, right know I'm unemployed, but looking forward to find a job sometime soon.  I've been reading a couple of blogs lately that have inspired me and are really nice to read, so I thought I could write too, doesn´t have to be deep or anything, just about what happens any day, what I think and/or what I feel.
Also, I decided to write in English, this way anyone can read this (if somebody ever does...) and I can practice a little bit this language,  if something is wrong with the spelling, or the tenses or the writing in general, please correct me :)

Let's see how this goes...