lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

2012 resolutions

Well, it's here, 2012!
2011 had good things: I finally graduated from college, we got a puppy and shared good times with people I love, but overall it wasn't the best year... So, I'm REALLY looking forward for what 2012 brings.

Every New Year, I think of things I could change about myself to be better, but I never write them down, so they are forgotten just a few days later.

This year, I'm writing them so I can come back and remember them, let's see how many get done!

1. Loose at least 5 kg: in 2011 I gained this weight, all I want is go back to that and have all my clothes fitting me right again.
2. Related to the one above, eat healthier: make smarter decisions when it comes to food.
3. Do more exercise.
4. Save a determined amount of money every month.
5. Besides this savings, save extra money so my husband and I can make a trip together. (it's easier to cut expenses when you have a good motivation).
6. Study. I graduated this last August, but I haven't found a job yet :( so, my knowledge is, let's say, "sleeping". I would like to dedicate an hour every day to study, read articles or something pharmaceutical/medical.
7. Arrange two rooms that are a total mess since we moved in.
8. Keep up with the housework, specially with laundry and ironing (I hate to iron!)
9. Read at least 5 books just for fun, not work related.
10. Get a job. Well, I'm doing my part sending resumes, taking temporary jobs, but I would like a permanent one, near my home and with normal hours. Is that too much to ask?

Good luck with your New Year's resolutions!

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