martes, 18 de octubre de 2011


This is my first post ever.  I don´t know where to start.  Creating a blog was way more complex than I thought it would be.
I guess I'll start introducing myself.  My name is Gaby, I married the love of my life last december and graduated from college this august, right know I'm unemployed, but looking forward to find a job sometime soon.  I've been reading a couple of blogs lately that have inspired me and are really nice to read, so I thought I could write too, doesn´t have to be deep or anything, just about what happens any day, what I think and/or what I feel.
Also, I decided to write in English, this way anyone can read this (if somebody ever does...) and I can practice a little bit this language,  if something is wrong with the spelling, or the tenses or the writing in general, please correct me :)

Let's see how this goes...

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  1. Great Gaby I'm very happy that you decide to blog. In a few years you will read again this posts and that will be like seeing old photos of yourself, it's always funny.